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Shaken Baby
Awareness UK

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50,000 children are shaken each year.

30% will die.

The rest will need ongoing medical care for the rest of their lives.

63% of shaken baby syndrome victims are male.

SBS counts for 10-12% of all deaths due to child abuse.

41% of victims are under the age of one.

Average age of victim is 4-6 months old.

Toddlers as old as 4 are at risk.
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go from helplessness to inquisitive toddlers in a startling short time, but you also go on a steep learning curve. We've got advice about all the common challenges and information about developmental milestones.

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Parenting in pictures

Breastfeeding techniques - in pictures Passive smoke near baby illustrationchild and baby CPR

These one-page step-by-step pictorial guides are great tools to help parents master essential baby care skills such as breastfeeding, bathing and changing nappies.

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Baby and Pregnancy
                   Tips and Advice
Expert advice on keeping your newborn baby clean
Symptoms to look for and how to ease the discomfort
Comforters, soothers and dummies
Why babies need comforters and when to wean them off
Confidence building
Techniques to boost your baby's self-esteem
Coping with advice
What to do when people decide to share their expertise
Crying and comforting
Recognizing different cries and how to soothe them

Developmental stages
How your baby develops and the important milestones
Advice on breastfeeding, bottle feeding, mixed feeding and your baby's weight
Guiding your baby
How to guide a baby's behavior and interpret his actions
What jabs your baby will need, why he needs them and when
Listening and talking
It's never to early to start communicating with your baby
Learn a few simple techniques to help your baby relax

The pros and cons of disposable and reusable nappies
How to ensure your baby is safe around the home
Getting your baby into good sleep patterns
Tackling teething troubles, plus easing discomfort
Typical personality
Understanding your baby's emerging temperament
How to move your baby on to solid food

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